Humphrey - Accelerate's Healthy Hippo

Meet Humphrey, Accelerate's healthy hippo. Humphrey is trying to keep fit and healthy, but he gets lonely doing this on his own. 

In order to keep Humphrey leading an active lifestyle, he gets to spend every weekend at the house of a young person from one of our partner primary schools.

The young person is chosen for showing Tong High School's PRIDE (Positivity, Respect, Innovation, Determination and Excellence) values during PE lessons, that are delivered by the Accelerate team.

Primary students are then encouraged to share how they have together been keeping fit and healthy over the weekend. They can write, draw pictures or send us photographs.

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Scarlett from Hawksworth Primary School 

Scarlett and Humphrey enjoyed lots of different activities together. Scarlett hopes that Humphrey can come and stay more often!

Alissia from Birkenshaw Primary School

Alissia was so excited when she got to take Humphrey home, not just for the weekend but for the February Half Term holiday. They had great fun together.

Isla from Birkenshaw Primary School

Matilda from Gomersal Primary School 

Humphrey and Matilda had an extremely busy weekend, they went to dance class and did the splits and Matilda taught Humphrey the dance step; step, ball, change. Humphrey strengthened his arm muscles knitting and on Saturday evening they watched ballroom dancing on television and joined in with Humphrey sporting a beautiful green tie as you can see in the picture above.